Sunday, 3 February 2013

Not Monday....

At the start of this year I made a kind of resolution that I would try and update this every Monday. I've got a busy day tomorrow and don't know if I'll get chance so I'm doing it now instead - except I haven't really got anything to say and I don't want to copy and paste something I have written elsewhere (which would make a perfectly good blog post) as it will probably make it go all funny format-wise and I'd rather be able to read whatever I've put.

Which admittedly isn't very much......

So in lieu of written content here is a photo instead :-)

This was taken some time ago at Eden Camp - it isn't a very good photo as it was taken on a camera phone, in the dark and neither of us could stop giggling. It's supposed to be a terrifying camp guard dog but alas the emphasis is more on the camp as he appears to be wearing a lot of eyeliner. Eden Camp is an amazing place but bits of it -well this bit in particular is well shonky, instead of thinking about how horrible the conditions prisoners of war had to endure I'm afraid all I could do was laugh at this badly stuffed dog.

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