Monday, 7 January 2013

Wondering what 2013 will bring....

I'm hoping it will bring all sorts of loveliness, namely lots more visits to the cinema - mostly to the Hyde Park Picture House, The Cottage Road, Armley Mills Picture Palace in Leeds,  Pictureville in that Bradford and hopefully a return visit to the Ritz in Malton and trips further afield to the Electric Cinema in that Birmingham and the Tyneside Cinema in that Newcastle. I haven't been to either of those two but they are on the list for 'must visits' this year as they look so delightful.

I love proper old picture palaces that have individuality and character as opposed to the nameless faceless look the same wherever they are multiplexes staffed by bored teenagers who don't seem to give a monkey's either about their patrons or the films they are showing. I could be doing multiplexes and their staff a great disservice there but I really don't like them and would far rather see a film elsewhere. I like to see films somewhere with a bit of character and that it's an occasion to visit rather than in a big characterless shed that seems more bothered about selling you sweets and ocean loads of teeth rotting fizzy drinks.

So rant about multiplexes and their evils aside what else does 2013 hold? well most importantly I'm hoping it brings health and comparative wealth to my loved ones after bouts of rotten ill health last year, a few trips to the seaside namely Cleethorpes, Whitby, Scarborough and Filey , lots more knitting adventures - learnt a new way to increase at the weekend by purling into the front and back of the stitch, and I also hope to learn how to knit in the round, crochet and intarsia. I'm partway through a toilet roll holder at the moment - it's in black and purple and in a kind of lacework stitch and I intend to adorn the finished item with knitted skulls.

Along with hopefully selling some more of my knitted goods, I'm hoping to take part in more photography exhibitions, and either barter or sell more of my work. I'm also hoping to work more on my writing - have more or less finished one short story about a man who murders his mother and I'd like to do more.

I also want to be able to run further than I can at the moment - my aim is to be able to run round the bridlepath in Meanwood without having to stop every so often to catch my breath. I'm getting there slowly but surely but it is hard. Here's hoping the more I try the easier it will get....

What are you hoping 2013 will bring?

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