Thursday, 15 November 2012

Think the Leeds Film Festival is over now for me and Mr Pops - though it goes on for another couple of days. I went to 24 showings in total though as that included some collections of short films I've seen at least 32 films in total and Mr Pops went to 20. 

I've seen some really good ones and I've seen some average ones and 3 'I'd have had more fun sitting at home emptying the litter tray' ones.

Highlights were - Sightseers as it's v easy to become homicidal on a caravanning holiday, Excision because i am ever so slightly in love with Traci Lords and she is wonderful in what is a v v good film indeed, Robot and Frank for Frank Langella's delicious voice, Art of Negative Thinking for grim but hilarious swedish humour, We Are The Night for fabulous vampire action, When The Lights Go Out for really creepy 70's ghost storyness,Last Shop Standing for record shop and vinyl fabulousness, Return of the Living Dead for zombie nonsense - 'send more paramedics' , Attack of the Giant Brain Sucker Monster from Outer Space for such a wonderful send up of b movies and musicals and monsters and zombies, Jobraith AD for wonderful documentaryness and Eddie The Sleep Walking Cannibal for glorious bloodthirsty storytelling and a warning not to get on the wrong side of someone who eats people in his sleep. All in all aces!!!!! My eyes are v tired now and my bum is quite numb too :-)

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