Monday, 19 November 2012

Testing Testing

Just want to see if this types the way I want it too and without strange white boxes.......or even worse white typeface against a white box which of course showed nothing.......

But I suppose if I really want to test it I have to waffle on about something - relief that the 26th Leeds International Film Festival has finished and I don't have to go to the cinema again for a few days. Don't get me wrong the festival was aces - I saw some excellent films, some not as excellent and some downright wastes of celluloid except they were probably shot digitally so a waste of memory card might be more apposite.

Thankfully technical difficulties were v few and far between and only twice did twats spoil the screening by chatting during the film. Honestly - if you want to talk - GO OUTSIDE !!! You're not at home watching it on the telly - inconsiderate knobheads.

Highlights for me were - Sightseers, Excision, Silents at the Cottage, Before Dawn, Golem, We Are The Night, French Short Films, Art of Negative Thinking, Jobraith AD, Last Shop Standing, Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal, Return of the Living Dead.....

You'd be forgiven for thinking that almost all I watch is horror films and you'd not be far wrong but I also love documentaries, proper old glorious swirly soundtrack hollywood nonsense - either in b+w or beautifully faded colour or glorious hurt your eyes technicolour - this afternoon I watched House on 92nd Street which stars one of my very favourite film actors - Leo G Carroll. Think I like him best in Desert Fox (which also stars my beloved James Mason *swoon swoon*) and North by Northwest - which also stars James Mason being quite evil but still being gorgeous in spite of wearing a rather nasty cardigan at one point.

Well that's enough waffling for now - here's hoping the formatting hasn't gone all to cock again.

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  1. Hurrah it doesn't seem to have done - even though I seem to have repeated myself...those of you that know me in real life will be saying no change there then....