Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Morning After The Opening Night Before..

Feeling quite tired this morning but last night's opening party was really good - drink and chat flowed freely and the live music was lovely but best of all it was lovely to see so many different styles of photographs, paintings and  drawings adorning what until yesterday had been much barer walls.

Plus it was lovely to overhear people saying they liked my photographs :-) thought to be honest and it makes me so glad to say this - I wouldn't have card that much if they didn't because I had fun doing them and I like them.

But a few years ago if someone had said they didn't like them that would have been enough to make me stop doing them and question myself as to why I was even bothering to do something like that in the first place - never mind the pleasure it gave me, I'm so glad to have got to that way of thinking :-)

But now it's never mind that way of thinking - I've got loads of paperwork that needs sorting out and a load of washing to do - the glamour never ends does it?.....


  1. The exhibition was fab, I was very impressed by all the work, yours included!

  2. Cheers me dear - there'll be other shows and some of your embroidered pieces would look stunning framed and on the wall :-)